Oil Rig Accidents Oil Rig Blowouts

How Oil Rig Blowouts Take Place

Working in the oil industry is one of the most dangerous jobs to exist today. Employees are faced with risky situations and exposed to safety hazards often, with catastrophic accidents occurring daily throughout the United States. Blowouts are common and according to one oil expert, the most dangerous and tragic accidents within the industry.

Not only do oil rig blowouts injure people, they can also damage the equipment and environment. The aftermath of such an accident is costly and can take years to fully recover from. This is why it is so important to understand the cause of blowouts and what happens when they occur.

Why do blowouts occur in the first place?

The main reason for a blowout is because a change in pressure has occurred – typically resulting in an excess of pressure building up while the well is being drilled. Too much pressure can cause high amounts of hydrocarbons to flow through the well and eventually ignite into something called a blowout.

A blowout is a massive fire explosion that becomes extremely dangerous when combined with oil. These blowouts can escalate quickly, making it difficult for oil crews to notice a problem before it explodes into a firestorm.

Controlling Oil Rig Blowouts

It takes a highly trained team to handle an oil rig blowout and minimize the overall risk. When it first occurs, the firefighters show up on the scene and assess the damage. By removing the rig, it is easier to deal with the main problem at hand.

Firefighters often use dynamite to “snuff” out the blowout. Another common method of controlling the blowout is to drill multiple wells into the well that is causing the fire. This allows the firefighters to eliminate the original blowout without making the problem worse.

The injuries caused by oil rig blowouts can be severe and often include brain injuries, burns, and spinal cord injuries. If you were recently involved in a blowout and were injured as a result, please get in touch with our firm right away. We may be able to help you file a claim for the monetary compensation you deserve.