Big Rig & Oil Rig Attorney

Why Hire a North Dakota Big Rig & Oil Rig Attorney?

When you are facing a catastrophic injury that is the result of an oil rig accident, whether that is from a big rig or a fall from a derrick, you will not want to handle the insurance company on your own. The insurance company does not have your best interests in mind, and many adjusters will only be interested in keeping their companies' costs low. It is often difficult to settle on a fair amount if you do not have the guidance of an experienced North Dakota big rig and oil rig lawyer.

At Lenahan Law Firm, we can help you protect your best interests and help you understand your rights. As a victim, it is important to be aware of your rights and to have a strong legal representative who will advocate for your needs aggressively. If you are the victim of a serious oil rig accident in North Dakota, you should discuss your case with our firm before accepting an offer from the insurance company.

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