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If You've Seen Enough Suffering and Injustice, Call and ask for Marc

Having Helped Severely Injured Families for Decades, We Know the Way from Here.

The simple fact is that the worse an insurance company shortchanges you, the more money they make. They want justice. They don't care about helping.

On the other hand, the better the justice we get for you, and the more we are able to help, the better it is for you and for us.

For over two decades, severely injured families have been calling me, Marc Lenahan, to their sides to help after 18-wheeler accident. No matter where in the United States the collision happened, we want to be on your side. Call us, and ask for Marc. Together, we'll size-up the options that we see for you, tell you what we think the best route is, and then follow your wishes as we try to help secure the best possible measure of justice for your severely injured family.

I'd like to hear from you. Give me a call. Ask for Marc.

North Dakota Severe Injury Law Firm

Oil Rigs. Big Rigs. Big Cases.

From the catastrophic motorcycle injury, to the 18-wheeler collision, to the gas line explosion, catastrophic injuries require focus. And focus is a major reason that Marc Lenahan is the best-reviewed injury attorney in North Dakota on AVVO.

Add to that, caring, expertise, resources and an extraordinary team, and you'll see why we get better results for our clients more often.

With a Base Camp in Minot, or Bismarck, or Fargo, or anywhere else we need to be, we have the ability to fight cases anywhere in North Dakota and can can be where your case is best served. Our HQ is in Dallas, but for severe injuries cases, we don't just go to where the case calls us, we're there for you, geographically and personally.

Extensive Experience with Patch & Trucking Cases

Oil is a blessing and a curse. It brings jobs and hope. But it also brings selfish & unsafe companies; drug-abuse; and exhausted, rushed & inexperienced truckers driving poorly maintained vehicles by the thousands.

We know. We’ve been to ICUs and funerals for roughnecks and families too many times. We’re from Texas, and we knew the hardships that would befall North Dakota because they have been hitting people in Texas for decades.

And that is why the best rated injury attorney in Texas per AVVO, chose to become the best rated injury attorney in North Dakota, too. And we located our North Dakota Base Station in Minot because Minot’s Trinity Hospital is verified by the American College of Surgeons as a Level II Trauma Center: the highest level of trauma care available in North Dakota.

We Give Every Client the Attention They Deserve

The Lenahan Law Firm is very, very special. We are four attorneys, and the Firm represents less than 40 cases for the entire firm -- that’s less than 10 clients per lawyer -- though we actually work all of our cases as a team. What’s so special about that? Isn’t that how they all work? Not even close.

Even most respected injury firms have over 100 clients per lawyer. Not 100 in their firm, but PER LAWYER. And, terribly, the injury firms people are most likely to know by name as a result of mass advertising can have 600, 750, or even over 1,000 cases PER LAWYER. Do they really think that their lawyers are 10 times, 60 times, or 100 times smarter than the lawyers at the Lenahan Law Firm? How do they think they can provide the same service or achieve the same results?

Ready to Represent Clients Across North Dakota

Our rare focus and intensive TLC has been the secret to success for our clients. For years we have accepted clients from all over the world for injuries anywhere in Texas. Now we get to serve those who have suffered fatal or severe injuries that occur in North Dakota, too. Because of our limited clientele, location doesn’t matter. For the terrible injuries that deserve the kind of battle for justice that we are known for, we go. Whether it be the southwest border of Texas and Mexico, or the northwest border of North Dakota and Canada, it makes no difference to us.

And with many North Dakota injury cases meriting lawsuits against corporations in headquartered in Texas, we can put your case in North Dakota or Texas depending on what’s best for your case, not what’s best for us.

Fighting for Maximum Compensation is What We Do

We take pride in helping injured oilfield workers throughout North Dakota. Below is a sampling of some of our past victories we've achieved on behalf of former clients.

“One Riot, One Ranger.”

There is a famous Texas tale we love to tell. A version of the story goes that there was a riot brewing, and the local official called the Governor for help. But just one Texas Ranger came. When the official saw him, he complained, “Just you? Where is everybody else?” The Texas Ranger responded, “One riot, one Ranger.”

Major oil and trucking injury cases can feel very much like a riot. It is very common for your lawyers to face between three and twenty other attorneys. One severe injury case, one Texas law firm.

Marc is a North Dakota attorney and a Texas attorney. But he has also secured notable results under the laws of states to include Florida, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and has represented clients in China, France, Mexico & England. (And now that we’re representing “Project Safe Childhood” clients nationwide, there aren’t too many Federal Courts in the nation where we haven’t represented a client.)

But when you make Marc Lenahan your lawyer, you get the entire Lenahan Law Firm. A team of hand-picked attorneys unlike any we are aware of in the nation:

  • Marc Lenahan: The best reviewed Avvo personal injury attorney in North Dakota and Texas
  • Wes Black: A former defense attorney who is board certified in civil appellate law
  • Nathan Barbera: A 15-year veteran of litigating for insurance companies who managed a state-wide insurance defense firm

Two Things You Need to Know About the Money

First, we have NEVER asked a client to write us a check. Ever. We ONLY get paid from the money we secure for you, if any. The technical phrase for this is, “Contingency fee plus court costs and expenses.” That means we agree on a percentage in advance, and also get reimburse for the money we invest for you. The amount of money we invest can be modest at a few hundred bucks, or very substantial. We recently spent over $300,000 on a case for a wonderful family, and closed the case for over $6,500,000.

Second, does having our headquarters in Texas make the case more expensive? It can, but it is very hard to know in advance. The truth is that where an injury occurs doesn’t tell us much about where the case is most wisely fought. In other words, hiring a law firm across the street can trigger more travel costs than hiring one in Miami. Oil companies and trucking companies are everywhere, with a disproportionate share of them in our neck of the woods.

And we NEVER include the costs of coming to meet you in the amount to be reimbursed. That is purely out investment. And as we often try to investigate the scene before we even come to your hospital bed or kitchen table, we don’t include those costs, either.

But it does mean that we really can’t ever justify representing clients who do not have severe injuries, but we don’t do that in Texas, so there really isn’t much of a difference.

And if we decide that your case is more wisely handled by friends of ours in North Dakota, we’ll tell you. Even better, if you want us to serve as “joint venture counsel” with a local law firm, that means that, for no extra fees to you, we get to work with the local lawyer and we can both be available to you for consultation.

Time is of the Essence

The sooner you contact us, the better armed we can be to help you. Evidence is crucial. The other side is already collecting it. We need to, too. We’ll come to the hospital, we’ll walk the highway, we’ll follow the plywood signs to the patch. We want to understand the evidence right away. Let us.

North Dakota Injury Attorney

After an oil rig or big rig accident, you need to contact our firm right away. We are not afraid to actively pursue the highest amount of compensation available through settlements or court verdicts. Our attorneys can challenge insurance companies and oil companies and fight to ensure that the wrongful parties are held accountable for their actions. Our lawyers can use their knowledge of the various Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations and liability laws to help provide you with the compensation that you deserve. Whether you are facing a catastrophic injury after a major blowout or fire or you are suffering the loss of a loved one after an oil field accident, you can trust your case to Lenahan Law Firm.

If you have been injured, or if you are interested in learning more about your rights after an accident, do not hesitate to contact our team right away. We have helped countless individuals overcome significant legal complications and we may be able to help you as well. Whether you are looking to file a personal injury claim or a wrongful death case, Lenahan Law Firm can provide you with the answers and representation that you are seeking. To learn more about your eligibility to file a claim or lawsuit, schedule a consultation with Lenahan Law Firm right away.

You can get started today by completing a free case evaluation form now! Contact our firm as soon as possible.

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